Chess’ Lore series – the white pieces

He’s a good king. His realm loves and protects him, wishing him a long life; which he had.

Some say the king’s longevity is her doing. If the kingdom is in distress, this is the one person the enemies should fear.

He’s a mischievous man, full of secrets and dogmas. Can be seen walking on the shadows of the castle, conspiring against the King’s enemies.

Has been knighted very young, and following his King is all he knows. Is a wise and seasoned rider and fighter, stomping over his enemies for his kingdom.

The king’s strongest and last resort. This man is like a wall, and is willing to give his life for his king.

He’s a simple worker. But this is an united kingdom, and every able fighter is required when war comes. The young pawn will fight proudly for his king.

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