Nossa Senhora do Chuveiro Elétrico/Bicicletinha

Ok, here’s the english explanation:

In Brazil, culturally, we tend to “ask” for “our Lady” (Nossa senhora) as in Jesus mother, Mary. This “our lady” normally comes with a place where there is some history about Mary, as in where people claim she appeared, or where a small statue of here appeared (this was the case of a city called “Aparecida”, which translates directly to “appeared”, I kid you not), so the whole saying goes “Our Lady of Aparecida” or “Our Lady of Guadalupe”. You know the drill. Then the thing you want to ask, like “Our Lady of Aparecida, give me hope”.

So this is an ongoing joke where we call for “Our lady of the tinniest bike, give me equilibrium” and “Our lady of the eletric Shower, give me resistence”.

The thing is: the resistor that goes on a shower head, here in Brazil is called “resistência”, which is the same word for “resistence”.


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Nossa Senhora do Chuveiro Elétrico

This is a very brazillian joke, which is explained bellow. If you like this art, it can be bought in posters, t-shirts, mugs and more on Colab55 (for brazillian shippment) or Redbubble and InPrnt (for international Shippment).

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