The scary art of asking

Back in 2015, I read Amanda Palmer’s book, The Art of Asking. At the time, it was everything I needed to read to get the courage to finally make my first independent publication. While Mrs. Palmer is weirdly unreliable, she challenges how artists often feel embarrassed to ask for money, and says that artists must feel more comfortable with the idea that they can – and should – accept payments for their art.

Even though I contribute to crowdfunding and crowdsourcing myself (I even have a recurring payment for one artist in particular), which I do it mostly for the support I can provide than for the rewards they offer, deciding to ask for financial support for myself has been a struggle.

When K.B.Spangler first told me I should make a Patreon for myself, I gave her so many good arguments about why I shouldn’t that I managed to actually convince her. A scared person can be very persuasive when cornered. I’m scared because I feel I’m not good enough for it (oh, hi, impostor syndrome!). That I wouldn’t be able to share enough art to make it worthwhile for my supporters. That what I did share won’t be worth their money. It’s like a loop of doom.

But hey, I’ve gotta pay my bills. I have a baby now. My art is my work. And it’s not like I’m forcing anybody here, right?

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