Why did I choose to abandon Photoshop

Hey guys! Blogging isn’t dead yet! (I think)

So, 2020 was a year that lot of shit happened. Mostly bad, but, y’know, something good. For me, I finished my Doctorate, had a baby, didn’t get sick. Overall I’ll count this year as “pretty much very ok”.

By december, I ended up doing something that I have been postponing for very long: I finally droped Adobe Photoshop and started using Clip Studio Paint as my oficial working tool.

Why, do you ask? Should I number all the reasons why I think everyone should switch tools? Let’s go for it:

  1. Clip Studio Paint can be bought for as low as $50, and is a one time fee, and you’ll have the software for life. Photoshop, in the other hand, charges you monthly, also for life.
  2. CSP is focused on illustrator, so it has all the main tools Photoshop has for this purpose, AND SOME MORE. If you work with comics, even better!
  3. CSP goes easy on your computer’s hardware and doesn’t update (only to crash on your face) every week.

I know there are more advantages, but I’ll highlight those above, and mainly, the last one. On the last update, Photoshop simply stopped working properly accusing me of having old Hardware. Which, unfortunately, is true.

But this just hit hard on my poor ass nerves. I’m brazillian, all computer related stuff here are really, REALLY expensive, we can’t just upgrade or hardware every other month around here. And my computer is still working pretty fine – SO fine, that I’m working marvelously with CSP, thank you very much.

So, if you were thinking about switching tools, here’s my opinion: for illustrators, there’s absolutely no need to stick to Photoshop. CSP is a complete tool, with everything Photoshop has (ok, it doesn’t have Liquify, but hey, I can live without it), and is CHEAP. I’d only sugest to keep Photoshop if you also work with photography, but if it’s not your case, go for the change!!

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